Unique Recruitment Ideas

If you're trying to attract your ideal candidates, who already have a job elsewhere, you may have to think outside the box when it comes to your recruitment strategies.

That's why many companies are embracing creative recruiting.

These recruitment methods can help your business stand out from the crowd and put you in touch with your ideal hires

  • Handout Recruitment cards: Print out business size cards for your employees with the company name, phone number and website on them and the words "now hiring." Ask your employees to keep a stash of these cards on them wherever they go. Whenever they come across someone doing an exceptional job, whether it's at a cafĂ© or the cashier at the grocery store, they can hand them a "now hiring" card. Once you have found someone with the right personality or mind set you can teach them the other essential skills that may be needed. You will be bowled over at the great employees you will be able to find from very diverse backgrounds using this approach.
  • Employee Referral Rewards Program: It can be very beneficial to hire someone that has been referred by a current employee. A current employee knows the culture of your company and can sense if a person will be a good fit with your organization and team. Offer incentives to employees to refer others.
  • Billboards: Renting a billboard on a busy road near your location is a great way to inform people that you are currently hiring. Make the imagery fun and memorable to catch people's attention. Keep the wording to a minimum and make the web address easy to remember so that once people are back at their computer they are able to look up the website.
  • Look for talent in an unlikely places: The Director of Talent Acquisition at Quicken Loans (which is regularly listed in Fortune's 100 best places to work) believes that the secret to their recruiting success is by looking for great people in unexpected places. For example, the company once organized a 'blitz' on local businesses, retail stores and restaurants, asking employees to go out and interact with workers and offer interviews to any that were exceptional or stood out from the crowd. Quicken believes that 'Too many companies focus on industry experience when they recruit … We can teach people about finance. We can't teach passion, urgency and a willingness to go the extra mile. '
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