What Type of Financing Loan Should I Apply For Small Business?

This question often plagues small business owners. Funding is not hard to come by these days but there are always strings attached, especially to unsecured sources of funds. This type of funding is available with no need to furnish guarantee or collateral and may tempt businessmen who are faced with cash crunches every now and then.

There are other options as well. One can just approach family and friends if the amount involved is not large. However, this may not be the best business financing option. Loans that take days or months to process and require collateral are best given the go by. SB owners need cash immediately and that too without any collateral. Before one applies for such loans one must know how to apply small business finance methods.

First, one must assess the business position. It is necessary to know about repayment capabilities and whether such repayments would impose a fresh burden or whether deployment of finance would result in greater cash flow that would take care of repayment of installments. Smart businessmen will find out the position of creditors and debtors and if they have funds incoming, they know the loan will not impose a burden. Smart businessmen may also make use of financing for business to expand business and prepare a solid plan for implementation of funds. Businessmen who simply apply for and get loans to pay off debts may find themselves in deeper trouble unless they have a plan or get advice from experts on using finance to get out of an untenable situation. This done the next step is to know how to apply.

One can just walk into the offices of a business finance lender. This means putting aside one’s regular business. The process could be extended over several sessions that involve waste of further time. Lenders may ask for a variety of documents from the borrower. The much better way is to apply online. The process is simple enough. One finds a suitable lender ready to provide funds for working businesses at short notice without any security. Just fill a form on the website and submit it. The lender gets in touch with the borrower and asks for scanned copies of proof of residence, proof of business ownership and copies of bank statements to submit along with the online form. One may specify the purpose for which the funds are needed but it is not necessary for approval of the loan. One thing to keep in mind before initiating the final application process is to find out the processing charges and upfront fees charged as well as the rate of interest. Some lenders of unsecured loans may ask for interest that could be as high as 50%. 20% is a fair rate.

This done, it takes a maximum of 3 days for approval and a day more for disbursal of the amount directly into the bank account of the borrower. It is that simple.

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What We Do (and Don't) Know About Health Insurance Exchanges

The rules around health insurance exchanges are dynamic and evolving all the time. Some agents fear these exchanges could displace us-in the way Travelocity displaced many travel agents. Others argue that because health insurance is a far more complicated purchase than an airline ticket, and because consumers are likely to be confused by these new channels, our expertise and advice will be even more crucial.

Hopefully, the role of agents will become clearer as time goes on. In the meantime, here's an overview about what we do-and don't-know about health insurance exchanges.

Health Insurance Exchange: A Definition

A health insurance exchange is an online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can shop for, compare and purchase health insurance. Think of it as an Expedia or Travelocity for health insurance. No one is required to use an exchange; it is an additional channel being added to the marketplace.

Some states, including Colorado, where Alliance Insurance Group is based, are taking the initiative to build their own exchanges, which are permitted by federal law but subject to certain guidelines. States that choose not to create their own exchanges by 2014 will be required to use the federal exchange.

States building their own exchanges typically cite the desire to control their own destiny and customize their exchange to the needs of the local population. States that have rejected exchange proposals often mention their reluctance to support any aspect of the federal reform bill, which they hope will be repealed by the Supreme Court.

In general, insurance exchanges allow consumers and small businesses to:

  • Shop for and compare health plans, which must include certain standardized benefits.
  • Determine eligibility for premium relief in the form of tax credits.
  • Call or sit down with someone who can help explain various benefits and plan features.
  • Enroll in a plan.

Following are some of the most relevant aspects of the health insurance exchanges for independent insurance agents.

Consumer Access to Agents

The National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) is lobbying for the inclusion of an agent-contact option within the exchanges' online systems. This could be structured similarly to the national Web-based portal for home sales, which presents listing information in a standardized format, but also connects potential homebuyers with a state-licensed realtor.

Importance of Certification

NAHU also believes all agents participating in the exchanges should be required to pass an annual exam that addresses private coverage, public assistance and subsidy-eligible options to ensure familiarity with all coverage choices available to consumers. This knowledge is important for agents as well as individuals filling the new role of "healthcare navigator." Navigators will receive federal funding to help educate the public, distribute information about enrollment and premium credits, and provide enrollment assistance. NAHU believes navigators duplicate the role of licensed agents and questions the wisdom of spending federal money on these positions. But if navigators are used, they should be subject to the same rigorous licensing and continuing education requirements as agents.

Marketing and Commission Limits

There has been talk of restricting agents' marketing activities and commissions related to their activity within the exchanges, which NAHU strongly opposes. The rationale is that the precedent for such constraints-Medicare Advantage-does not apply here at all. For the under-65 and small-business health insurance markets, prospective clients often want agents to provide additional information about life, dental, disability and other elements of the typical employee benefits package, within a single meeting.

With regard to commissions, we believe these should be determined by private health insurers, as they are today. That said, health plans have already begun cutting commissions in response to other aspects of healthcare reform, such as administrative vs. medical-loss-ratio requirements. The best insulation from commission cuts is to join forces with a Managing General Agency (MGA) that can consolidate the sales activity of many agents, guaranteeing insurers a high volume of business.

Will Exchanges Really Help?

It's safe to say that "the jury is out" on this matter.

Will exchanges lower premiums? The answer depends largely on how the risk pools are structured. Some argue that separate pools for individuals vs. small businesses are fairest, as premiums more accurately reflect the risks of these two very different markets. Others say combining the pools would allow risk to be spread across a larger base, facilitating lower prices for all.

Will the exchanges improve the overall health of the population? The hope is that, among other things, costly emergency room visits will decline once a larger percentage of citizens are covered. Others counter that those with low-benefit / high-deductible plans are also reluctant to seek preventive care or even acute care until absolutely necessary. Will exchanges improve the healthcare purchasing experience? Possibly. In theory, lining up benefits "apples to apples" should make shopping easier-as long as it doesn't result in slew of indistinguishable, look-alike plans that blur together and further confuse the consumer.

Like so many facets of healthcare reform, we as agents may have to embrace change and adapt as best we can to the changing landscape. There's strength in numbers – through your local professional organization and a good MGA who has helped you with your insurance agency business plan , you can navigate these changes as gracefully and knowledgeably as possible.

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Advantages Of Reading a Business Magazine

Like any other entrepreneur, you are also quite ambitious about your work and want to increase the turnover of your corporation. Therefore, you must be looking for the some important tips to improve the condition of your organization. To give a boost to your work and to make your flourish it, you will not only have to collect information about your own profession, but have to acquire information about the other businesses that are directly or indirectly related to your venture. You can check out the news to know the present condition of the enterprise sectors. However, for a detailed analysis, you should check out a renowned corporate magazine. There are several advantages of reading such magazines.

By reading a business magazine, you will be able to get a detailed analysis of trends and cycles various businesses follow. In such magazines, you can find experts’ opinions and tips regarding some intricate issues of a particular type of profession. As you will get the tips and suggestions on intricate issues related to the enterprise you are dealing in, it will be easier for you to improvise your works condition, which in turn will increase the profit level of your enterprise.

Expert consultation and advices are never available for free. You will have to pay a fee for each consultation and this might incur a huge cost at the end of the year. However, if you check the corporate magazines to get the advice of the experts, you will be able to get the advice of the experts without paying the fees. You just need to pay the price of these magazines. To reduce your expenses on the account of corporate magazines and to get the issue of your favourite magazine on time, you can opt for a subscription. Such publications offer different deals on the subscriptions of corporate magazines. Therefore, you will be able to get the best value of your money.

In the newspapers, you can find detailed report of the conditions of different sectors of the economy. But, all reports might not be related to your profession and you might not be able to get the best help from these reports. However, if you opt for corporate magazines, you can purchase the magazine that focus on the aspects of the work you do. By opting for such a magazine, it will be easier for you to get the advices that are related only to your field and thus you will be able to use the tips for the improvement of your business.

Such magazines are of great importance as they give a detailed report and analysis of the economic sector. Reading the corporate magazines regularly will help you understand the market condition and you will be able to conduct the business activities in a guarded manner. The economic recession has affected almost all the economic sectors of the world. Now, each and every corporate owner, whether small or large, is making his deals with carefully as they do not want to incur any loss. If you always want to make profits from your corporate, you can read the business magazines.

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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Sales on the Rise

As the baby boomers retire, the recreational vehicle industry has seen an upsurge in sales. For many people, nothing measures up to the independence and flexibility of enjoying the open road in a recreational vehicle (RV). There is certainly much to be said for taking your hotel with you wherever you go, and the savings on hotel costs can more than pay for the initial cost of an RV.

RV travelers realize the cost savings of this type of travel. There are no hotel rooms to book and dining in your RV can save an enormous amount of money compared to eating in restaurants every day. Owning a fifth wheel or travel trailer, whereas you can unhook your RV from your truck, saves you from having to book a rental car. For those in motor homes, many travelers will tow a vehicle behind them.

When considering the purchase of an recreational vehicle, you will be faced with three choices; a fifth wheel which is pulled by a pick up truck and attaches to a wheel inside the truck box (hence its name fifth wheel), a travel trailer which is usually pulled by a truck with a rear hitch, or a motor home. All three types of RV’s have their pros and cons and each point will need to be considered based upon your needs and your budget. Other consideration for the RV lifestyle is the price of gas. However, it is still more economical than staying in hotels and eating at restaurants every night.

Traveling in a recreational vehicle or motor home is often a good choice for those who want to travel to different locations; however, it may be less suited to those who visit the same location year after year. Travelers who visit the same location every year may find it more economical to buy a vacation home. Buying a vacation home, and renting it out when it is not being used, can be a good way to both save money on lodging and build equity for the future.

Many RV travelers come to love the freedom of the open road and the easy care lifestyle. Traveling cross-country and stopping a various parks along the way is a wonderful adventure. The traveler can choose to stay a day or as long as they want at a particular location.

A well-known fact in the RV community is the free camping at Walmart. In most states, you are allowed to camp in a Walmart’s parking lot for as long as you like. I am sure you have seen recreational vehicles lined up in Walmart’s parking lot at least on one occasion. This is a win-win situation for the traveler and Walmart. The traveler has a well-lit place to camp for the night, at no cost, and Walmart receives income from those RV owners who frequent the store. However, recently there has been an uprising among campground owners against Walmart’s free camping policy. Therefore, it is well advised that you check with the local chamber of commerce before you decide to stay a week at Walmart.

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Monte Carlo Gambling

The foundation stone for the first casino of Monaco was laid down when Prince Charles III allowed a joint stock Company to build a casino in his empire, in 1856. Now, one of the most elegant casinos of Monte Carlo is Casino de Monte-Carlo. This magnificent structure was added to Monte Carlo in 1878. It was designed by Charles Garnier who is also the architect of the opera house in Paris. The architecture of this building speaks a lot about the rich cultural heritage. Various frescoes, sculptures, stained glass windows adorn this casino. The casino has also served as an auditorium for various ballets and concerts, attracting international audience. Another attractive feature of the casino is its private rooms which are more royal as compared to their European counterparts. The visitors can enjoy various table games in these lush rooms. The casino also requests its guests to follow a formal dress code.

Another casino is the Le Café de Paris which houses around twelve hundred slot machines. This casino hosts various gambling games. The theme of decoration is Monte Carlo in the late 1800’s. Next one in line is the Le Sun Casino situated in the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel. It is a close resemblance of the famous casinos of Las Vegas. The Le Sporting Monte-Carlo offers its guests gambling games like roulette, baccarat, banque a tout va, blackjack, chemin de fer, and craps. However, this casino is o-pen only during summers.

Apart from gambling, Monaco offers various other facilities which range from Museum and Palaces to swimming and racing. The Musée Océanographique is a famous attraction among the fish lovers. The museum contains 4500 variety of fish. Apart from this, the museum also attracts art lovers because of its metaphorical interiors. Another museum is the Musée National, which has a collection of ancient dolls and figures.

Changing of guards at the Palais du Princeb is one more interesting attraction. This palace was the house of the ancient rulers of Monaco, The Grimaldis. The ceremony takes place at noon every day.

The nature lovers would be pleased to know that Monte Carlo has one of the most beautiful gardens. The Princess Grace Rose Garden contains more than 400 bushes of rose and the Japanese garden has a Zen meditation area. However, most attractive of all is the Jardin Exotique, which means ‘the Exotic Garden’. This garden is known for growing more than 7000 varieties of cacti.

Water attractions in Monaco include two beaches with paid private sections and an Olympic – sized pool located at the port, called Stade Nautique Rainier III. Another event that attracts sports lovers is the Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco. The race is conducted in May each year on a 3.382 km circuit. To complete a perfect holiday, Monaco organizes a circus festival and a fireworks festival each year.

Monaco is a nature’s haven, ideal holiday spot with its mild winters and sunny summers, though gambling and tourism form only 15% of Monaco’s total revenue. One can reach Monaco by air, through the Nice airport which is just 25 miles from Monaco. The SNCF train from France is also a picturesque journey.

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When Was Exercise Invented? A Precise History

Exercise is, or at least should be, an ordinary habit in most of our lives today, but was not seen as essential or even orthodox. It goes back thousands of years preceding the modern day of machines and fitness influences. There exist a lot of forms and names by which it is addressed. Exercise is applied in versatility depending on the case of the person or persons concerned. If you ask exactly when was exercise invented, it is too indefinite to place for sure.

Definitely, exercise was in existence since the beginning of man, invented or not. Recognized or not, most physical activities necessary for basic survival provided extreme exercise, such as tending to large fields in scorching heat.

Until ancient Greece, exercise was not perceived as a technique to improve athletic ability and overall fitness. Greek states like Sparta meticulously coached their soldiers to become effective war fanatics. It was that running for extensive distanced could superbly build endurance, and building monuments, which involved lifting heavy stones, would build muscle. This training was acknowledged as necessary but no formal outline, especially for commoners, was instilled.

The beginning of exercise to benefit the common man in his daily life was made popular by the 1960’s. This was probably because unhealthy conditions such as obesity were taken seriously and combated with enhanced activity. More profound advancements like weight lifting and jogging were employed to build muscle and reduce risk of bodily dysfunctions.

Modernly, the influence of exercise is significant. It is marketed on every platform possible. Such as television, radio, the Internet, billboards, and even in markets. Since this is true, it can be stated that exercise is still developing and in inventorial stages. Inventions like the treadmill, even though not building any new muscles, are examples of new exercises.

With all said, the concept of exercise may be determined invented at any major milestone. Several types of exercise were developed, either consciously or unconsciously. Exercise progresses to conquer new challenges in health. It is definite, however, that exercise has not seen all of its forms or advancements.

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3 Ways To Finance Your Business Without Credit Cards

If you’re in a cash crunch and need to find some financing for your company here are three ways you may have overlooked.

1. Vendor Financing

Stretching out trade payables from, say 30 days to 60 days, is a pretty common method for companies to improve their cash flow. Usually vendors are not very happy when this happens, and some even voice their disapproval in no uncertain terms. Most businesses are small businesses and stretching out payables only hurts everyone in the long run. Think about it: if you are depending on one of your customers to pay you within 30 days, and that customer doesn’t pay for 90 days, it can significantly affect your cash flow. If it’s one of your major customers, the impact can be quite serious. You don’t have the cash to pay your bills and so a ripple effect is caused on down the line.

This suggestion is different. If you’ve established a good relationship with your vendors, sometimes it’s possible to get them to agree to finance part of your company by extending their terms for a particularly large order for an extended length of time. If you’re a new company with little or no history, you could approach vendors showing them your business plan and documentation of orders you’ve already received. If the vendor is convinced that your company will be successful, and one of their better customers in the future, they may be willing to give you a break now.

Another alternative is to guarantee the vendor that they will be your exclusive supplier for an agreed to length of time in exchange for longer credit terms. Or you can offer to pay slightly higher than market price in exchange for longer credit terms. This method can be dangerous, because it sets the precedence of a higher price. When the longer terms are no longer necessary, it may be a challenge to decrease the price you pay the vendor.

Occasionally, it’s possible to convince a vendor to exchange a trade payable owed to them for a note payable instead, or possibly an equity position in your company.

2. Customers That Prepay

If you have successfully demonstrated to your customers that you deliver your merchandise to them on time, as ordered, you may be able to persuade one or more of them to put a deposit on their future orders, perhaps as much as 50%. You can add an incentive by decreasing your price a bit in exchange for the deposit. Or you can throw in a bonus: if they’ve ordered 100 items you give them 10 extra. New customers can also be asked for a deposit, especially if it’s a large or custom order.

3.Trade And Barter

Barter is probably one of the oldest forms of commerce. It is simply the exchange of goods or services for other goods, instead of using cash as the medium. The trade can be directly between the two parties or the trade can go through a barter exchange.

The barter exchange usually works on a point system, one point for every dollar. The exchange has members who have agreed to barter their services and products. Let’s say you need a new lap top, but the computer store doesn’t need your product/service. You earn points by bartering with those individuals and businesses who do need your product/service. You accumulate points through the exchange. When you have enough for the lap top, you ‘buy’ the lap top with your accumulated points. The exchange sometimes takes a small percentage of the points as a fee for their services.

Don’t be limited in your thinking as to what can be bartered. Approach bartering as you would any other sale or purchase. Deal with reputable companies. Don’t feel you have to discount your product. The barter purchase is reflected on your income statement as an expense. The barter sale (what you trade) is reflected as revenue.

Barter organizations can be found on the web, just put in trade and barter organization. Many cities have locally operated barter organizations. Contact your local chamber of commerce. The yellow pages give listings as well.

Use these three methods of coming up with cash for your company.

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Insurance – Natural Peril Exclusions – Flood

Flood is commonly covered by ARPI policies but, on occasions, some policies exclude it or, alternatively, provide the client with the option of extending the policy to cover it as an additional peril. The meaning of flood has been considered infrequently in the English courts and, the courts have first to consider the meaning of flood in the context of the policy as a whole. In the case Young v. Sun Alliance and London Insurance Ltd. [1976] 3 All ER 561, where the word “flood” was incorporated in a phrase with “storm and tempest”, it was held not to cover damage caused by three inches of water leaking into a bathroom from an underground spring-storm and tempest suggested a more violent event.

In the case of Computer & Systems Engineering Pic v. John Lelliott (Ilford) Limited and Others (The Times, 23 May 1989), during building operations at the assured’s premises, a metal purlin was dropped onto a sprinkler system pipe. The pipe was damaged, allowing water to escape which in turn damaged the property of the assured. The court was asked to decide whether or not the property owner was obliged to bear the risk of damage under clause 22C: 1 of the JCT Standard Form of Building Contract (1980 Edition) because the damage was not caused by “flood” or “bursting of pipes” within the definition of the clause 22. First, the court considered what an ordinary reasonable Englishman would say if asked “What was it that caused the damage?”. His answer would have been “the negligent dropping of the purlin which fractured the sprinkler pipe”;

As a result of the lack of direct case law, the court referred to the various insurance cases dealing with the term “flood’*. It relied upon Young v. Sun Alliance (above) and Commonwealth Smelting Limited v. Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Limited [1986] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 121, as supporting the propositions that:

– flood should involve some natural phenomena or abnormal occurrence; and

– “bursting and overflowing” were to be construed intransitively, involving some interruption of a pipe from within. (In other words, without the assistance of extraneous factors.)

Therefore, the damage to the sprinkler system constituted neither a flood nor a bursting or overflowing of water from tanks, apparatus or pipes. The Court of Appeal confirmed the decision suggesting that the word “flood” suggested the invasion of property by a large volume of water caused by a rapid accumulation or sudden release of water from an external source, usually, but not necessarily, as the result of a natural phenomenon such as storm, tempest or downpour. Certainly, US authorities have not distinguished between man-made floods (such as the bursting of a dam) and floods resulting from natural perils.

Thus, as when considering the definition of any phrase within the context of ARPI, a court will:

– look at the context in which the word is found;

– enquire as to whether or not the word has any ordinary meaning in common parlance; and

– look at judicial precedent to see where the courts have previously been required to consider the word in a similar context.

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A Brief Overview of Small Business Administration Loans

The Small Business Administration offers loans to the small businesses who do not meet the eligibility criteria required in order to secure them from the banks as well as other traditional organizations. It is vital to remember that this organization does not offer money to the small businesses directly and that it sets up proper guidelines for the loans that are offered by its partners that include credit unions, community development agencies, banks as well as micro-lending organizations . This organization gives the assurance that a certain portion of this type of fund will be paid back within the scheduled period of time. This type of guarantee from this organization will be able to eliminate all sorts of fear from the mind of the lender in the best possible way. This article will highlight on a few important loans that are offered by this organization for the borrowers in order to fulfill their requirements in the best possible way.

SBA 7 (a) loan

This type of fund is used for multiple business purposes such as renovation of buildings, purchase of fixed assets such as buildings, machinery and furniture and so on. It is used for other business purposes such as repayment of debt, investment of capital and so on. Its term is twenty years in the case of purchase of fixed assets and its term is twenty five years in case of repayment of debt.

SBA 504 loan

This type fund is used for the purchase of land and buildings and for the purchase of different kinds of fixed assets. It is designed in such a way that this organization offers fifty percent of the total cost of a particular project within the scheduled period of time. It is vital to remember that this type of fund cannot be used for capital investment at any point of time. It is used for the purchase of land, machinery and other fixed assets and it is used to renovate buildings and properties in the best possible way.


If you want to run your startup company successfully and if you want to expand your business, it is advisable that you should try to get it in the best possible way. It is mainly used to purchase furniture, machinery, equipment, inventory and other fixed assets in the best possible way. It is offered by the intermediary lenders who are associated with nonprofit organizations and who have long years of professional experience.

Disaster loans

The Small Business Administration offers them to the businesses that are affected by any kind of disaster. This kind of fund is often used to repair machinery, devices, damaged property and other kinds of assets in the best possible way.

Whether you want to obtain SBA 7 (a) loan or you wish to acquire microloan in the best possible way, it is vital that you should be able to gather knowledge about its application procedure. All you have to do is to provide the necessary documents such as financial statement, documents on income tax, business certificate and so on. The next step that you should follow is to fill up its application form properly and to submit it to a particular partner within the scheduled period of time.

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Campers, Trailers, and Recreational Vehicles: Know the Difference Before Visiting RV Dealers

Have you recently made the decision to purchase a mobile home? These are a great way to add another layer of mobility to your life. But, before you visit the RV Dealers, you should know more about the types of mobile homes available today. The most popular options are the Recreational Vehicle, the pop-up, the trailer, and the truck camper. All of these options have their strengths. Find out which one is best for you.

The Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles, also known as motor homes, are usually the largest of the options available from RV dealers, and they come with the most amenities. Depending on what brand and model you choose, recreational vehicles can be as short as a truck or as long as 45 feet. This means that they are also challenging to drive; some states require special licensing in order to operate motor homes. Unlike the other options on this list, they are completely self-powered.

When it comes to add ons, recreational vehicles have the most versatility. Most motor homes come with a bed, a bathroom, a cooking area, and a small living area. Larger upgraded models can also come with extra beds or bedrooms, full kitchen, living space with sofa and armchairs, and bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. Features like extended cabinets, flatscreen TVs, kitchen islands, and hot tubs can also be added.

If you’re looking for all of the creature comforts of home while on the road, the recreational motorhome might be the best choice for you.

The Pop-up Camper

A pop-up is a specialized mobile home that can be folded into a small space and unfolded when parked as part of the pop-up’s set up. It is much smaller and more maneuverable than a motorhome without sacrificing much on space or amenities. Modern pop-ups consist of a frame, a box, a hard roof, pull out bunk beds, and soft walls, which are made of vinyl or canvas.

Even though unfolded pop-ups share size with motorhomes, they don’t have some of the same amenities. New, high-wall models come with space for cabinets and beds, but there are very few models that come with showers. Special attachments can be purchased to give provide bathrooms. What it lacks in amenities, though, it makes up for in maneuverability and price. Pop-ups are much less expensive than their larger counterparts and can be towed behind a truck or SUV.

The Travel Trailer

A travel trailer, also called a caravan or a teardrop, is a small, hard-bodied living space that can be attached to a vehicle. Like campers and recreational vehicles, travel trailers can have many of the comforts of home – a bed, a kitchen, a living space, and a bathroom. Travel trailers tend to be smaller, much smaller than motorhomes. They are generally less than 18 feet long, and they can weigh less than 700 pounds. The smallest teardrop or ultralight models can even be pulled behind cars or motorcycles.

The Truck Camper

The truck camper is the smallest mobile home that you’ll find on the RV dealers’ lot. These are made to fit in the bed of a truck. Ultra-small and ultra-light, they are manufactured to provide the necessities – sleeping space, stove or hotplate, sink, and, sometimes, a bathroom, are stacked on top of each other, in order to fit the most in the space. Truck campers allow their inhabitants to go anywhere that a normal automobile would be able to go. They’re popular with individuals on long-term job sites.

When you visit RV Dealers, your sales associate can help you navigate which of these mobile homes best fits your needs, style, and budget.

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