James Bond Cars – The Coachman Recreational Vehicle

As seen on the silver screen, every man loves the James Bond cars. Fully loaded with gadgets and features any guy would wish he could have with his car, though he might get arrested for it. But what car could any fan not see the legendary British agent in? By far an RV, though with the special features a Coachman recreational vehicle has, it might not be such a far stretch.

Features to Tickle Fancy

A Coachman recreational vehicle has many specialties, including a utility panel that helps drivers winterize their vehicle to a specially angled dashboard for increased driving vision. Even an air conditioning unit that is made for maximum cooling is installed in every Coachman recreational vehicle. Is that not enough to peak interest? There's plenty more to discuss. They certainly weren't trying to turn away any business they might receive.

Having a very large storage space, even with shelves is another feature is called Stow-N-Go. There is the children first feature that includes two spaces for child seats that have 3 point anchoring. For a growing family this definitely comes in handy. For their Coachman recreational vehicle a buyer can even order color coded electrical wiring. This would make it a lot easier to get out of an electrical fix in the middle of that great vacation site with no one around.

Coachman also utilizes an aluminum frame for each of its vehicles. The bargain here is that a Coachman recreational vehicle is very safe because of its strong skeleton. The special tubing used for anti corrosion is one of the more comical features. This may sound funny, but it is also comes in handy, after all, who likes to clean up that kind of mess? The no-lip storage units under a Coachman recreational vehicle is the last great feature. For the real adventurous drivers they allow for easy storage of heavier objects and gear.

So maybe these features aren't quite what James Bond looks for in a car, but with that much quality, it might at least make it on the list. The nice thing about a Coachman recreational vehicle is that it comes with so many features and yet is still affordable. Basically, all these pluses are just part of the package, so customers can feel confident in their purchase. When looking for a top notch RV, Coachman makes customers shaken, not stirred.

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