France & Paris – Top Things to Do

The hardest thing about visiting France is planning your activities whilst there, there are so many things to do that you become confused and wonder what attraction would be best for you and the family, there are many favourites and many different opinions but the truth is that Paris is so amazing, you really can’t go wrong!

A common first stop and my personal favourite is the most famous art museum in the history of France and probably the world. The Louvre, it houses some great artistic talents including the famous Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is still the top attraction, and the work of art The Last Supper is absolutely breathtaking.

Next on the list is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. It was once declared an eye sore by French artists but is now is thought to be one of Paris, finest works of art. These days commonly accepted as the symbol of France, inside there are beautiful little souvenir shops and lovely places to dine.

This place should always be in the itinerary of anyone visiting France; the famous book has the the Notre Dame Cathedral as the backdrop of the Hunch Back of Notre Dame’s life story. The cathedral is famous for its architecture with towering religious statues and gargoyles.

Paris, too, has a Disneyland. It still has all the same attractions as other Disneyland theme parks but of course, there is still something that is unique to Paris alone which makes it well worth a visit, even if you have already been to other Disneyland destinations.

France is famous for its love of wine. There are many different vineyards to visit for a little wine or champagne tasting or perhaps even some grape harvesting if it takes your fancy. Such wine tour operators as SmoothRed or BD Tours offer a wine tour experience where you can even abseil into a wine cellar!

Perhaps the most famous and lusted after place in France when it comes to history is Normandy. The most famous historical event here is the burning of Joan of Arc which attracts many tourists with a love for history.

Musee d’Orsay, a very interesting museum of art found inside a railway station, the very museum itself is a testimony of just how much the French love their art. The museum is absolutely beautiful and a must for any art lovers.

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